Operating System


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Maintenance (Scheduled and Systems)

A routine scheduled maintenance saves time and money and alleviates stress on the business. Being proactive verses reactive is always better.

Service and Support Agreements

A S&S agreement with CSS Hawaii, entitles you to emergency after hours access, discounted hourly rates, and first response times (usually under 4 hours). A Service and Support (S&S) agreement is similar to a retainer agreement you would have with a CPA or a Lawyer.


A standardized company wide method of training employees based on their needs saving company time and money. A one time created simple training manual based on their needs and is used as a standard. Employees waste time trying to figure things out.

System Architecture

Design a complete overall business system. Mapping out all departments, what will they do, what hardware and software will be needed, will internet access be needed, recommended security rights, who is in each department etc.

Systems Analysis and Review

How can a company know what is needed or will be needed if it does not know what it has and what is out there? Just running out and buying computers, printers and etc. off the shelf based on what someone told them or what was in a magazine article is the biggest waste of money there is. You need to know what you have first, and then plan a little at least. Buying on impulse is dangerous.

IT Support for Mainland companies and IT department

Expensive for their IT personal to fly to Hawaii to work on equipment. They would like someone on-call who is dependable who is familiar and knows their system. We have many clients we do this for.

Phone and Remote Support

Many times we can answer your questions over the phone. (See Service and Support agreements for this.). We can even login to your computer remotely, (with your permission) and fix some of the issues if it has to do with software and operating systems. However, there are certain problems that require an onsite fix.


Stand-alone Computer systems

Many people believe installation is physically taking a computer and plugging it in at the desk. Actually, it starts long before that. Very few computer dealers build their own computers now. We usually purchase pre-built computers from people like HP, Dell, Lenovo, or Acer. Why? Because of the Warranty on the Hardware, it is carried by the hardware manufacturer, not a dealer. We can have the manufacturer customize with additional memory, etc.

The downside of this is they load a bunch of unneeded software and etc., they want you to buy this additional sale much like the add on’s when you buy a car. However, the manufacturer cannot know what your individual needs are and therefore they don't setup the Browsers, Network configuration, Anti-Virus, etc. So we need to do that - installation starts long before it hits the desktop.


Basically this is connecting up computers, printers and peripherals to share resources and information with each other. There are a number ways to do this and things to consider when doing it, not only in optimizing your resources, you also want to leverage your hardware and software so you spend wisely and get the best hardware and software for your dollar, You also have to be aware of security and the integrity of your data, backups.

Computer Protection

Antivirus ~ Trojan Horses ~ Spyware ~ Malware ~ RansomeWare ~ Lockouts


Viruses are probably what people are the most aware of. The first Computer Virus actually was on the Apple ][ back in the 80's. Now they are more prevalent in the PC world. If you do not have Anti-Virus on your computer, we can help you in scanning your system to clean it up and install one. There are a number of free Anti-Virus programs out there on a trial basis. Once you have tried them - subscribe to them as they do provide a valuable service.

Trojan Horses

People get these usually when they click on a link or open an e-mail without thinking and "invite" the Trojan in. This sometimes bypasses the Anti-Virus program. I Scan the System to remove it.

Ransom Ware

This is the most dangerous. It will literally lock your computer up, it could also enter by E-mail or when you go to a website you are unaware has been hijacked. Sometimes you will see on your screen a warning by the FBI or Justice Department saying you have violated copyright laws or they have found pornography on your site.

It may show a picture of you if you have a webcam

It states you have to wire transfer money to them to unlock the computer


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